Sharing my stories, passion and knowledge, but even more so, my experiences with photography in my blog section is something I needed to do. It is not easy, but love -not expected- to write more and share my experiences.

Brachter Wald - Family hiking trails

So a new post since a while. I have been so busy with a lot! The Skye post will come, it is still in edit. This weekend a trip to Eifel National Park and hopefully nice moody weather fitting this area. First Brachter Wald.

Brachter Wald is a nature reserve in Noordrijn-Westfalen, west of Bracht, on the high planes of the Maas. Elevation of this area varies up till 60 meters. Not that difficult but with perfect walking trails a nice family hiking area.


This area covers 1328 ha and is part of the Grenspark Maas-Swalm-Nette. From 1948 till 1996 it was a military area with a munitions depot of the Britse Rijnleger, one of the biggest in Europe. After 1996 this area was abandoned and given back to nature and got a nature reserve status in 2000. 

Obviously a nice area for short walks and simple exploration with the family. Hence the simple, but lovely photos. One or two will end up in the series - Forest