Sharing my stories, passion and knowledge, but even more so, my experiences with photography in my blog section is something I needed to do. It is not easy, but love -not expected- to write more and share my experiences.

Drone footage - Early autumn in the dunes

Finally, finally I got to do some video editing, I keep postponing it. The video is some drone footage (DJI Mavic Air) from last autumn when I was in the dunes. Remember this post from a while ago? Early autumn in the dunes - it was a wonderful Indian summer evening, golden hour and epic light. I got some cool shots back then.


Some of the golden glare photos where amazing, but to be frank, I was too busy with my drone, trying to capture that wonderful light. I need to practice so much more, the first two videos were OK, maybe I got lucky. However video and drone perspective is something you do not just do. As everything it takes practices.

So the end result in some photos and a video. I’m still learning so do not be that harsh. Wait until you do something similar yourself, you will find out that it is not “just another photo edit project”.

Enjoy the photos and video. Click to view larger in a light box and navigate with mouse or arrow keys.