Sharing my stories, passion and knowledge, but even more so, my experiences with photography in my blog section is something I needed to do. It is not easy, but love -not expected- to write more and share my experiences.

Snow and the hunt for foxes - Waterleidingduinen

Here we are again, winter and it’s snowing. The whole country is in chaos, traffic jams up to 2300km in total last evening. However I can only think of one thing! Get out and shoot the next day, in search of foxes in the snow. So let’s go to the dunes, again. Nature here I come. Prepared and all. A light kit only bringing the new Fujifilm X-T3 and the fujinon’s 16-55mm with the 100-400mm


Once there, the roads where actually pretty normal, the last bit was icy and still covered with snow. Still I didn’t get my winter tyres on the car, but that would stop me and neither did the car. The car park was pretty empty for what I thought would be a massive gathering of photographers. Hint, they were there a day before when it was actually snowing.

Heading towards the usual spot the sky cleared a bit and a lovely whit golden sun glow was visible. Very nice, this could turn out to be the perfect day. The first dear was spotted and I thought, this could end up with me taking one of my bucket list photos.

so full with optimism I continued my path towards the usual place where you can find or at least have the biggest change of seeing foxes. Once there I noticed that the previous day many many photographers and people already visited this place as all the snow was already scattered with imprints. So there goes that virgin snow shot. I could have known, I should have gone a day earlier. Remember always, when you think, today or tomorrow? Always go now! I know this and still I postpone.

Just my bad! Continuing onwards I spoke to some other photographers that where there the day before and also missed the foxes. Apparently just once they came out to play. However he also stated that there where many photographers around, so any good shot was almost impossible. Well, sort of a comfort.

Walking around the area, waiting, looking and contemplating I just did not encounter any foxes. There were enough tracks to be seen, but I guess the foxes decided to stay and sleep in. Couldn’t blame them.

So I took so more photos of a group of deer in the snowy hills, which was also fun to do, but not what I was there for to get. Well sometimes you win, sometimes you loose, right?

Heading back towards the car I did spot two little birds. A goldcrest and a red robin (goudhaantje en roodborstje). Small nimble and fun little birds. A challenge to capture, thus a fun exercise. I will write a blog about how I shoot these little birds as it is quite challenging.

So still not my bucket list shot, but a fun day nonetheless. I managed to get some nice shots, not portfolio material, but still shots I’m happy with and a new blog to share and that’s the most important thing, right? I will get these foxes one day, one day….

All photos below, taken with the Fujifilm X-T3, 16-55F2.8 and the 100-400mm. Click to view larger in a light box and navigate with mouse or arrow keys. Enjoy!