About me

About Me


About me

My name is, well you guessed it, Robert Doeleman. I started this website to share my photography. These photographs are made by me and for my own enjoyment. I'm not a professional photographer, I left that part of my life a while ago, but I'm now even more dedicated to produce photographs as I see the world. 



My Photos

My photography is mainly concentrated in landscape, nature and man made objects. The latter can be interpreted as cityscapes and urban exploring or urbex as it is known. At the moment I'm enjoying shooting with Fuji, not that it matters one bit, but if you like to know how and what specific gear I use or used in specific photographs, just ask!

Take a look at my landscape, seascape, long exposure, nature and wild animal, wildlife photos. Or go ahead and take a look at the man made objects, architecture and urbex or urban exploring photos. Just follow the links.



Usage & Copyright

I hope you enjoy my photographs on this website. Please share, contact me via social media or send me an e-mail. All the photographs here are copyrighted to Robert Doeleman and are not allowed to be used or reproduced in anyway or form. If you are as enthusiastic as me about my photographs and would like to use or buy one, please contact me.




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